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Media Distillery develops technology that analyzes audio and video content in real-time. We apply cutting edge deep learning, artificial intelligence and data mining techniques such as speech, logo, text and face recognition to filter all relevant information. The synergistic approach of combining these different technologies provides highly accurate results.



Our technology uncovers the potential of rich analyses of video content.
Media Monitoring

Media Distillery lets you monitor your brand, reputation and presence on radio, television and online video such as Youtube and Vimeo. We analyze 100s of TV and radio channels 24/7 and can also monitor online video platforms continuously based on the content of the videos. We put all analyzed results in our own search engine, that serves the exact time of where your company was found. Media Distillery works with Media Monitoring companies and allows them to integrate our search results in their dashboards.

TV Operators

Media Distillery knows exactly what video content is about. Therefore we can help you enrich your TV-offering by with features that your customers will like. For example enrich your replay TV offering with an or an automatic ad-break filter or advanced search functionality. Moreover, knowing what content is about enables you to provide better content recommendations and send real-time notifications, engaging your customers to your apps.

Broadcasters & Publishers

Online video content is booming; every broadcaster or publisher is currently creating and publishing a huge amount of short videos to better serve their audience. To monetize such videos, Media Distillery can help you with optimizing pre- and mid-rolls ads based on the content of the videos, resulting in a higher CPM. Moreover you can allow your audience to search IN the video content rather than just on the manually added metadata, while you can optimize video recommendations.

Video creators

Whether you are making instruction videos, capturing college lectures or shooting raw video material for broadcasting; Media Distillery can distill these media and help you to get the most out of it. For example automatically find particular faces, logos or spoken quotes in a large video database, or a combination of those. Our scalable platform can easily analyze 1000s of hours of video in real time and let you know exactly what we found.

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Our dream team

Roland Sars
CEO A genuine entrepreneur born with a commercial instinct. Responsible for sales, marketing and business growth. Founded, grew and sold a software company in his previous life. Has a positive attitude and can be (a little) impatient.
Joost de Wit
Founder & CPO An expert in big data and media mining. Worked as an applied researcher at TNO. Responsible for our core distillation process. A mountain climber and fan of our Italian coffee machine.
Geert Vos
Founder & CTO Knows all about scalability and robust software platforms servicing millions of users, which he learned as architect at eBuddy. A multitasker that loves sticky notes and Amsterdam.
Zouhair Ouroui Ouriaghli
Business Developer Ambitious, commercial and analytical. Strong in both managing day-to-day business and analyzing (future) market developments. A health expert and saxophone player.
Noha Hazaa
Senior Developer A seasoned JAVA/J2EE developer with wide experience at eBuddy, Booking.com and Schuberg Philis. Making sure our platform grows painlessly and controls the quality. And always smiling.
Ahmed Bouyaghlafen
Business & IT Intern A structured and organized planner with the urge to automate as much as possible. Goes to the bottom of complex systems in order to optimize every possible step. Hopefully he won't automate himself.
Sietse Huisman
Data Scientist Broad interested developer that specializes in object recognition based on deep learning, in order to categorize and index huge data sets. A football player and drone pilot.
Maurits Heukensfeldt Jansen
Marketing Executive A visually strong creative thinker with everything in focus. Developing marketing campaigns that capture the best of what Media Distillery has to offer. Looking a great part if his life trough the lens of a camera.
Ryan Amirkhan
Data Scientist Owning the techniques and tools to analyze large amounts of data in order to obtain valuable on-screen information. Writing his code just like he plays the piano. Sublime and straight from the heart.
Luuk Ex
Business Developer An award winning research journalist from KRO-NCRV that is pitching the Media Distillery technology at broadcasters. On the edge of journalism, entrepreneurship and business development.
Peter Cox
Financial Manager A skilled financial expert specialized in startups. Responsible for all important stuff no one else wants to do: finance, bookkeeping, administration and reporting.